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Posted on 22 May, 2017

A Mother & a Fighter: Whitney Sheppard

Whitney Sheppard of the Black Dragon Kickboxing Club and Revive Active athlete tells us how Revive Active helps her to balance being a Mum and a kickboxing champion.

My day starts off with my little girl Taylor, who’s 3 calling me at 8 am every morning. She’s like clockwork!  

Whitney Sheppard: Revive Active - Black Dragon

My older child is the opposite, I have to drag my 10-year-old Sofia out of bed every morning.
 Thank God I know my Revive Active is downstairs waiting for me because I’m usually wrecked every morning when I get up.

Downstairs I take my Revive Active, Mastermindand 2 CoQ10 capsules because sometimes I just need the extra bit of energy!

I get the girls dressed, prepare the lunches and half an hour later we all sit down to have breakfast together. Cereal and fruit is usually the main item on the breakfast menu in our house – quick and easy. After dropping the girls to school I then come home and begin my morning workout.

Depending on time I am usually able to squeeze in some housework before I have to collect Taylor from pre-school.

A quick recap on her day and a snack, it is time to collect Sofia from school – and drop her to one of her many after 


school activities. These include athletics, ladies football or kickboxing, depending on the day! Sofia is very passionate about sports, she was recently crowned a National Irish Kickboxing Champion – we are so proud. Here she is pictured after winning with myself, my husband and my brother.

When we get home that evening it is time to make the dinner and do the homework. Once this is taken care of the kids go to bed and I can then go to my own kickboxing training in Black Dragon Kickboxing Club. It is usually almost 11 pm by the time I get home and sort myself out, so this is when I take my Joint Complex. I’m usually exhausted at this stage so I go to bed, ready to do it all again the next morning.

Even without my training I used to be tired just doing the Mum stuff, so I’m delighted to have found Revive Active Products – they have really given me a new lease of life.

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