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Our Environment Affects Our Bodies

How Has Our Environment Changed? How much has our environment changed and how does this affect our bodies?  The answer to this question is all around us.  It’s in our air and our water, the ...

Exercise is Food for the Brain

Simple exercise can improve your brain performance and cognitive function and here are some of the reasons why.

Top Tips For Healthy Joints

Would you like to improve the health of your joints? So check it out, Marlici's Top 5 Tips for Healthy Joints.

Top Tips for Studying & Exam Time

Exam time can be very stressful time. Whether you're studying for the leaving certificate, A-Levels or college exams, the number of subjects and exams can be overwhelming. We have compiled our top ...

5 ways to boost your brain power!


Mastermind Launch 1/3/16

'Give your brain a boost with Mastermind' Revive Active, the Galway based health supplement company, has launched a smart new product known as ‘Mastermind’ for cognitive function and memory health.

Get out of the gym and get outdoors this March!

Now that March is upon us and there is a little more light in the evenings many of us might look toward the outdoors again for our run or walk. Hide the treadmill away for another few months (we ...