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Posted on 19 Apr, 2017

Fight Night #1: Whitney Sheppard

Whitney Sheppard of the Black Dragon Kickboxing Club and Revive Active athlete tells us about her first competitive fight of 2017!

I had my first fight of the year in the Clayton Hotel on April 4th 2017. In the lead up to the fight I was feeling both nervous and excited, I knew what was ahead of me and focused all my attention on my preparation.Whitney Revive Active Black Dragon Kickboxing

Weigh In:

I had not eaten or drank anything for 24 hours. I was feeling hot tired and weak! As soon as I weighed in I had 2 sachets of Revive Mastermind mixed with 2 sachets of Revive Active. After 20 minutes I felt totally back to normal, it was crazy.

The Fight:

I took my Mastermind and Revive Active and a double the dose of the CoQ10 capsules. I really needed the energy that day. Taking these supplements always makes a big difference as I don't eat much on the day of fights, just some small portions of pasta. Revive Active is perfect -  I would never be able to eat the equivalent vitamins and minerals on a normal day especially not on a fight day!

I Won the fight!

It was very tough against a more experienced opponent but I felt that the mixture of Revive Active products gave me the edge. I had a lot more clarity, I was able to think and not waste shots. I definitely put this down to Mastermind and the Krill Oil and how they help with the cognitive abilities. I had a few bumps and bruises after the fight but nothing too bad. I take Joint Complex before bed every night so I find it really helps with my recovery.Whitney Sheppard Revive Active Black Dragon Kickboxing

I just want to say a big thanks to the Revive Active Team especially Yvonne Fahy, I'm proud to be sponsored by such an amazing company!

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