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Posted on 05 Nov, 2018

Indoor Winter Workout

Winter is upon us, which means getting in enough exercise can be tricky due to the weather. Any outdoor exercise means some serious bundling up is needed. If you decide against braving the cold, here are a few easy to do exercises that mean you can still burn those pesky calories in the comfort of your own home. Most of these exercises are very straight forward and there are a few extra alterations to push you and get your heart rate going. Time to get moving!

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Photo source: fitbodybuzz.com 

1. Downward Facing Dog with Core Bonus

Tone your arms, core and legs with this exercise. Come into downward dog, making an inverted V shape with your body and keeping your weight in your legs. Keeping your hands firmly planted and your palms flat on the ground, lift your right leg and bring your right knee in toward your chest. Then, push your right leg back up before bringing it to your left elbow. Extend your leg, then bring your right knee to your right elbow. Switch and repeat on the left. Do five reps on each side.

downward facing dog

Photo source: lovelifesurf.com 

2. Plank

The plank is an easy yet challenging way to tone your core. Bring yourself to a forearm plank. Hold for one minute. Rest a moment, then repeat. To kick things up a notch and challenge yourself, inhale while bringing your hips up as if in downward dog, then exhale while returning to starting position, repeating 12 times.


Photo source: listotic.com

3. Body Weight Squat

squat image

Photo source: pintrest.com

Body weight squats are a great exercises that can also be done at home, without any equipment and at any time of the day. To see results it is necessary to be consistent and to do the exercises at least three times a week. They are among the most effective exercises to tone legs and glutes. It's important to learn the correct position to maintain to avoid damage to the back and knees. Do this exercise 10-15 times and repeat three times.

Squat bodyweightPhoto source: magicbeansandhappiness.com

4. Mountain Climber

The mountain climber exercise is a body-weight exercise that is a great way to burn calories, build stamina and strengthen the core. It's a simple exercise and an effective form of cardiovascular training.  Starting in the plank position bend your knee up to your midsection in a smooth controlled motion. Engage your core as you lift your knee then relax as you return to the plank position, repeat with your other knee and alternate 10 times each for a total of 20 times. Do three sets of this exercise to feel the burn!

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Photo source: livestrong.com

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