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Posted on 02 Dec, 2016

Joint Q&A with Dr. Dan!

 We recently received some joint related questions from visitors to our website. Dr. Daniel Jones, our in-house doctor replied with his view and recommendations on each matter. Check out what he said below:

daniel 2.0.jpgDaniel is currently the head of Research and Development here in Revive Active.

He has a background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a PhD in Physiology, Pathology and Related Sciences from University College Dublin. With experience as both a Medical Demonstrator and Senior Research Scientist he has brought both his knowledge and experiences to Revive Active.

Daniel worked closely with the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre in the University of Northumbria to create our latest product Mastermind.


Question 1:

Hi there,

I’m just after getting results of an MRI. I have fluid on the hip but no arthritis thank God! I'm only 40 had been running for a year when my hip got sore. I have been going to physio for dry needling, getting cortisone injections and taking anti-inflammatory medication. I’ve stopped anti-inflammatory medication now and decided to try these ZXXXXXXXX joint support capsules. What way would yours differ from these and which product would you recommend? Thanks

Dr. Daniel says:

Thank you for your query and interest in Joint Complex. The product you mentioned, ZXXXXXXXX takes an anti-inflammatory approach to joint pain, but this is just the superficial symptom of an underlying cause which is a breakdown of joint cartilage causing bone rubbing and friction, as well as a depletion of the synovial fluid.

Joint Complex differs because it is not just an anti-inflammatory, though it is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory formula with 2000mg of MSM, it also works to restore deteriorated cartilage with 5000mg collagen peptides, protect joint cartilage with 1000mg of glucosamine and restore synovial fluid with 100mg hyalurnoic acid. Joint Complex is the most comprehensive formula for not just addressing the symptoms of inflammation and pain, but it gets to the root of the problem offering long lasting, real beneficial effects.


Question 2:


I am 64 years old and I am facing two new plastic knees in the near future through severe arthritis. I don’t want to go down this route if at all possible. I had keyhole surgery in the summer and was told that there was severe arthritis present in both my knees.

I am still very active and play golf on a weekly basis. I mentioned Hyaluronic Acid to my consultant he said that it would be of no use to me as the arthritis was too advanced. Is this possible? Can you recommend a product for my condition. I have only one kidney, so a chemical based product would not be suitable. Thank you.


Dr. Daniel says:

Thank you for your query and interest in Revive Active. I would highly recommend the Joint Complex. This is specifically formulated for osteoarthritic conditions. Joint Complex contains 100mg of hyaluronic acid which helps to restore the synovial fluid for lubrication and mobility. Your doctor is correct that this in itself would not be enough to yield significant benefits, but this is only 1 component and the tip of the iceberg of the Joint Complex formula.

It also contains 5 grams of collagen peptides which help to restore the deteriorated cartilage in the knees, glucosamine to help prevent further cartilage breakdown and MSM which is an natural anti-inflammatory which works to attenuate pain, plus much more. This is the most comprehensive joint formula and should absolutely offer relief. 


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If you have any joint related questions please send them to info@reviveactive.com or leave a comment below.


From the Revive Active Team