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Posted on 27 Feb, 2017

New & Improved Joint Complex Formula!

Feel the difference with the new and improved Joint Complex formula!

Feel the difference with the new and improved Joint Complex formula!

How will these changes benefit you?Joint Complex x 2.png

Introducing our new and improved Revive Active: Joint Complex, an essential ingredient for an active lifestyle, which works effectively to achieve the three R’s –

  1. Reduced Inflammation,
  2. Restored Mobility and
  3. Repaired Cartilage,

Now with a delicious new taste.

Perfect for athletes and active people, Joint Complex’s unique combination of ingredients work together to aid cartilage and bone function, as well as maintenance of connective tissue and skin  – to aid in injury prevention and recovery.

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Key ingredients include Collagen – vital for maintaining fully functional bones, cartilage, ligaments and skin. This is supported by Glucosamine which acts to aid collagen and cartilage repair, Copper to maintain normal connective tissues, Vitamin C to assist the body with collagen formation, and Boron which supports cartilage growth.

An added bonus for active people, and specifically runners, the inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber to help protect joints from injury.Paula Radcliffe - Brand Ambassador Revive Active

Ambassador for Revive Active, Marathon World Record Holder Paula Radcliffe, credits Joint Complex with assisting in
her own injury recovery, “I have struggled with arthritis in my foot for a long time and since starting to take Joint Complex I’ve noticed that the stiffness I normally have in the mornings is reduced, and I have a lot less swelling at the end of the day. I can do a lot more on my feet now which suits me down to the ground!”

Supplement expert Dr Daniel Jones – responsible for the product’s unique formula – says “Joint Complex works well to maintain the connective tissue and overall health of the joint, whilst protecting the bone and cartilage to ensure joints work smoothly and painlessly.”

“The anti-inflammatory effects are also highly beneficial in injury prevention making the supplement a great tool for anyone from those considering starting an exercise plan, to long term athletes whose bodies require support to prevent wear and tear.”

Joint Complex now has a new and improved taste with an updated forest fruit flavour and the addition of natural sweetener steviol glycosides. To use, simply empty contents of one sachet into approximately 300ml of water or juice, stir and allow to dissolve fully before drinking each morning.

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If you have any queries on the new formula please don’t hesitate in contacting the team in Revive Active HQ on Freephone 1800 910 000/0800 901 2152 or email info@reviveactive.com.

We would love hear your feedback on our new formula and packaging - leave us a comment below!