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Posted on 27 Nov, 2018

Revive Active Nutri Talk: Cork

Revive Active held their first Nutri Talk in the Clayton Hotel, Cork on Monday the 27th of November. This event took place from 10 am until 1 pm with over 30 people in attendance. The event was opened up by Kevin Barry who thanked everyone for coming and introduced the expert speakers which were to follow.

Dr Daniel Jones, Head of Research & Development at Revive Active, Dr Rachel O'Donnell Barry & Dr Sinead Kane were the three expert speakers at the event. The talks were based around how to support the immune system naturally along with best practice nutrition & fitness tips. There was a wide array of healthy tips and tricks provided by the three expert speakers including what foods to avoid, how to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and how to combat & prevent various illnesses.

IMG_1491-minDr.Daniel Jones

Dr Daniel Jones was the first speaker to take the stage. He explained  an interesting analogy detailing the role & function of the immune system and inflammation. Dr Daniel referred to the body as a castle and the immune system as soldiers protecting the castle (body) from harmful pathogens and diseases.

Dr Daniel explained that we don't get the right nutrients and vitamins from our food anymore and this is resulting in our immune system being compromised in its ability to fight pathogens. He explained that the response we see to the army coming out and fighting is inflammation. Inflammation is the army helping to repair and recover any damage done to the body. However, when we shift our diets by eating more sugars & fats, we put things in our body that it believes is harmful. This results in your body becoming chronically inflamed. As a result, when your body actually needs to fight off an infection it is compromised as it is fatigued from being chronically inflamed. Dr Daniel advised that everyone should make sure that they get the right vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients to make sure that our bodies are not being deprived and can support our immune system. 

Dr Rachel Barry from Harmony Acupuncture & Nutrition, was our second speaker of the day. Rachel provided a more hands on approach to boosting your immune system naturally. She explained that we must get adequate sleep each night and aim to be in bed by 10.30 and asleep by 11. Rachel provided 8 really helpful tips on how to eat healthy:

1. Eat every 3-4 hours

2. Eat the rainbow

3. Eat protein with every meal 

4. Eat 4-5 vegetables a day

5. Eat 2-3 fruit a day

6. No fizzy drinks

7. Limit coffee to 1 cup a day

8. Drink 1.5-2L of water a day

IMG_1512-minRachel Barry

Dr Rachel also explained that we should try to eat oily fish 2-3 times a week like mackerel, make sure that 50% of our plate are vegetables and swap potatoes for wholegrain rice or sweet potatoes. Dr Rachel provided a helpful rule of thumb to identify whether food is healthy or not- ask yourself, would your granny recognise the food? also, if it doesn't rot - its not food! Dr Rachel acknowledged that stress can have a major influence on people, and she recommends using the Headspace or Calm app for 6 minutes in the morning and evening to help de-stress. Dr Rachel also suggested that we should switch from dairy milk to goats milk every so often as goat's milk helps to reduce inflammation levels in your body. Finally, Dr Rachel encourages that we eat Irish produced food and to ask our butchers 'where did this chicken come from? what was the farmers name?' 

Dr Sinead Kane is a record breaking runner who was was the first legally blind female athlete to complete the World Marathon Challenge. Dr Sinead talked about her struggles growing up with only 5% vision, and how she has had to stand up for herself throughout her life. She explained that for people to grow, they need to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. 

IMG_1565-minSinead Kane

Dr Sinead reiterated the importance of eating healthy in maintaining a healthy mind & body. She got the audience involved by asking them to partake in a simple task. Firstly, she asked everyone to stand up, then asked them to touch something and if they used their hands to sit down (everyone sat down). On a second attempt, Dr Sinead asked the audience to stand once and to touch something again, without using their hands (everyone used their feet). Dr Sinead explained that this task was a simplistic way to being adaptable and this is how she has been throughout her life. She encouraged everyone to be more adaptable to living healthy lifestyles and to never take your health for granted. Finally, Dr Sinead informed the audience on how she incorporates Revive Active into her diet. 


This was the first Nutri Talk that Revive Active have hosted and we look forward to having more of these informative talks in 2019. A special thank you to everyone that attended and we hope you enjoyed the day. Check out our Facebook page to watch the live video from the Nutri Talk event.