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Posted on 05 Apr, 2018

Nutrition, Joint Care & Golf 

One thing has become abundantly clear to even the most passive observers of Professional Golf. The World’s best with the rare exception are conditioning themselves like Olympic Gymnasts to try and steal a march on their opponents. Tiger, Jason Day and Rory have all had their injury problems but looking at them you would have to think these guys look after themselves.

While exercise and rehabilitation is important, it’s a pretty safe bet that these guys are very conscious of what they fuel their bodies with. Sports Nutrition and indeed golf specific dietary programmes have become commonplace. To be the best they can be, these guys are fueling themselves with the most optimum food.

Our head of Research & Development Dr Daniel Jones is going to bring you through some nutrition tips which can help with keeping joints healthy.

Stance to Stroke Joint Nutrition

Golfing is a brilliant sport to stay active and fit. Yet, as with all activity and exercise, our body and joints require the tools and resources to recover.  Joint junction is essential for optimal performance while golfing, both upper and lower body, impacting everything from stance to stroke and in-between. Every day we use our joints, we cause microscope damage which requires repair and recovery to become stronger and more durable. Joint pain often develops as cartilage within joints breaks down as a consequence of aging, or even overuse, leading to inflammation of the joint tissue, friction and finally the symptoms of joint pain. As this process persist, eventually the rate at which cartilage is destroyed surpasses the rate at which the cells responsible for producing new cartilage can repair the damage. This deterioration of cartilage is what drives the knock-on effect of achy joint, but through nutrition, support can be found to not only preserve but improve.


1) Reducing Joint Inflammation

Addressing joint inflammation is one first steps in relieving achy joints. MSM a powerful natural anti-inflammatory effective at alleviating joint tissue inflammation. MSM is also an important source of sulphur with antioxidant properties for joints. MSM can be found within garlic, cruciferous vegetables and egg yolk.


2) Joint Lubrication

The next step in a comprehensive approach to help those achy joints is to make sure we are keeping our joint lubricated to help reduce bone rubbing and friction, a major driver in joint inflammation. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the synovial joint fluid and acts a lubricant and shock absorber within joints. Osteoarthritic joints are found to be depleted of this important lubricator. Hyaluronic acid can be found within soy and dairy products. In addition, glucosamine is an important factor of the synovial joint fluid which acts in synergy with collagen to protect and promote joint cartilage repair. It can be found within shellfish.


3) Restoring cartilage through collagen

Finally, to really get to the core issue of achy joints, we have to address the root of the problem which is the deteriorated cartilage, either from aging or overuse. Hydrolysed marine collagen peptides are the building blocks for cartilage tissue. When found in adequate amounts in an individual’s diet, these collagen peptides help to restore and repair deteriorated cartilage which degrades over time resulting in joint inflammation and discomfort. Collagen can be found in sources of protein including fish.


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