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Fight Night #1: Whitney Sheppard

Whitney Sheppard of the Black Dragon Kickboxing Club and Revive Active athlete tells us about her first competitive fight of 2017!

Revive Active Athlete: Whitney Sheppard

Whitney Sheppard is a member of the Black Dragon Kickboxing Club and a massive fan of Revive Active Products.

Revive Active Brand Ambassador - Paula Radcliffe

We are very excited to announce that our new brand ambassador is World Marathon Record holder Paula Radcliffe.  Paula discovered Revive Active Products a number of months ago and after taking Revive ...

New & Improved Joint Complex Formula!

Feel the difference with the new and improved Joint Complex formula!

Porridge Pancakes

To celebrate Pancake Tuesday 2017, we are sharing with you our top secret Porridge Pancake recipe!

Journal of Natural Health Solutions Vol.19, no. 2

Boost Your Energy Levels In As Little As 7 Days - Nigel Summerley

A Healthier You with Revive Active Products!

We recently conducted a survey to analyse whether or not Revive Active Products helped to boost peoples immune systems throughout the 2016 winter months.

New Superba Boost Krill Oil!

We have partnered with Aker BioMArine to bring you the best form of Krill Oil on the market!