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Posted on 30 Oct, 2018

Super Mum, Lizzie Lee, wins the Irish National Title at Dublin Marathon

Lizzie Lee was ecstatic following her Irish Women’s National Title win and third place overall finish at the Dublin Marathon on Sunday afternoon. The Cork native’s time of 2:35:03 was the fastest by an Irish woman in Dublin since 2014. “An Irish woman on the overall podium, I am thrilled with that,”


“All happy tears,” she said. “I’m an Irish woman, and I heard a man shouting at me in Clonskeagh, around mile 19, that I was doing the Irish proud. I kept saying to myself I have to get on to the podium, I just have to get on to the podium. I had a dream race... to get an Irish woman on the overall podium, I’m pinching myself, thrilled with that.”

Lizzie Lee, who turned 38 in May, hails from Bishopstown in Co. Cork. Lizzie is a mother to two girls, Lucy and Alison, who works full time in Apple, Co.Cork. According to The42.ie, Lizzie describes herself as “a happy working running Cork mom. Fifth fastest Irish female marathon runner ever.”

Lizzie is coached by 1972 Irish Olympian Donie Walsh at Leevale Athletics Club. Lee described Donie Walsh to Independent.ie as someone who "has his own special way of helping you keep your feet on the ground, a coach of great wisdom and understanding." However, Lizzie only started competitive athletics at the age of 26. Before she made the switch to running, Lizzie was a competitive triathlete. Lizzie does not have any regrets about starting late to running "I still have great passion and enthusiasm for my running and a freshness that I might not have if I had taken up the sport at a younger age."

Lizzie’s family had always been very active growing up with a strong emphasis on fitness. She told Independent.ie that her parents “have always been strong advocates of physical fitness. Garry and Mary Lee are still very serious about their cycling and regularly take part in bike tours."

LizziePhoto source: Instagram: @Lizzieleevale

Lizzie ran the Olympic marathon in Rio two years ago, and the European Championship marathon in Berlin just two months ago and won the Women’s Mini Marathon in June. She admitted that being recognised alongside full-time marathon runners on Sunday was an accomplishment she was immensely proud of.

Lizzie has made no secret of her belief that her best marathon running days are still to come, and this added proof. With her husband Paul, Lee’s first daughter Lucy was born in late 2014, and she came back in late 2015 to run her fastest marathon (2:35:51 in Berlin), qualifying her for Rio (where she finished 57th); her second daughter Alison was born 16 months ago.

 “And I felt amazing, coming down Foster’s Avenue, and I lived in Dublin for eight years, so I knew every metre of those last few miles, and I just thought ‘let’s be having you’.”

“I really wasn’t happy with my run at the European Championships in Berlin in August and said to Donie at the finish I really wanted to come to Dublin and win the national title. I needed redemption after Berlin”. Fellow competitor, Breege Connolly, recommended that Lizzie started taking Revive Active to help boost energy levels, promote immune system support, cardiovascular health and rejuvenation. Lizzie has been taking Revive Active for the last three months and credits the product to ‘helping her put the two marathons back to back while staying healthy!’

lizzie leePhoto source: Instagram: @Lizzieleevale