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Posted on 28 Nov, 2018

Tips For Studying For Exams

Ah it's the most wonderful  that time of the year, exam season is here....yay. Over the next few weeks, college students will be studying ( and plenty will be cramming) for exams. Here are some top tips to all of you students on how you can conquer your exams over the next few weeks.


Keep your Energy Levels High.

It's obviously important to dedicate a certain amount of time to study,  however it is equally important to have the energy necessary for optimizing your studies. You will do better on the tests if you sleep 6-8 hours a day. In order to achieve this, it is important to use your available study time more efficiently. Revive Active offers sustained energy release throughout the day, it can also be taken together with Mastermind which helps to boost mental performance and cognitive function, perfect for around exams. 


15-45 Rule.

The basis of it is to study 45 minutes of every hour, and keep the last 15 minutes to clear your mind, and take a break. The idea is that you should focus 100% during those 45 minutes and use the remaining to relax yourself. Set an alarm on your phone so it rings whenever your 15 minutes are up. Stick to it and it will be hugely beneficial, it's a great way to break up your study into smaller blocks so you can focus on what you are doing.

Be Organised.

Have a calendar that has when each of your exams are on and where,I've had plenty of friends miss there exams because of getting the time wrong.  Also plan study time for each module, have all your notes typed/written out and try to condense them into main points that trigger an information snowball effect. One great way to see if you are actually retaining what you are studying is to try and explain it to someone, if you can do this and they understand what you're talking about, then you're laughing. Leave time to free your mind. The purpose is that while you are in front of the books or the computer, you attention is focused (zero distractions, put your phone out of arm's reach). Google Calendars can be your best friend during exam season.


Study in Groups only if it Benefits You.

There are many cases where studying in groups can be beneficial, many heads working together can help explain concepts better that you perhaps did not understand. However, a study group only works well if you are concentrated and serious. If not, conversations, jokes, and distractions can take control of the study sessions. A combination of group and solo study could work best, allowing you to cover a lot of material and get help where needed.

Take Your Time.

It is important to spend an adequate amount of time and energy to study. Most exams usually last anywhere from two hours to three and half hours, it can be difficult to handle the concentration level for such a long period of time. Be prepared, practice. Know how many marks each question is worth and divide time accordingly. Whenever you find yourself disheartened, breath, take a drink, read over what you have just written and re-read the question, don’t give up. Do questions from previous exam papers before the exam, if you're unsure of something check your notes or talk to a classmate who can help. Be sure to work the problem because, more often than not, the ones you don’t understand are the ones that end up in the test.

Exercise and eat healthy.

Exercise and good nutrition can help control your stress levels, and also have a massively positive impact on your mental health. Exercise helps keep your blood pressure low and it can help raise your energy levels so you can continue to study more effectively. Remember, the focus and the concentration (not necessarily the time) you spend while studying for an exam is more important than anything. Go for a run, get out for a nice scenic walk, I find it always puts thing into perspective! Try meditating,it's exam season after all you'll give anything a go if you think it will work.



Keep your stress levels low. It’s good that you worry about your exams, that shows they are important to you, but don’t let stress and anxiety take over you. Complete all your assignments and try and finish it all up early. The better you distribute your tasks during the weeks before the exams, the better you will understand the material. Ask someone to test you about the material you are studying. Now go forth and conquer this exam season, YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!