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Ubiquinol CoQ10 - Supplied by Kaneka

Ubiquinol is naturally present in many foods. Unfortunately, is it virtually impossible to compensate for any losses via diet alone.

Why I take Revive Active - Garda Annmarie Larkin

I started taking Revive Active in February 2017 after my Mum recommended it to me, she had been taking for 2 years previous.  At that time I was 2 months into my training for the Garda 4 Peaks ...

The truth about CoQ10

The Shocking Truth They Don’t Tell You About CoQ10

What is Marine Collagen?

Learn why marine collagen supplements are the best you can get for skin rejuvenation.

How to get the perfect wedding skin!

Look your absolute best on your wedding day with the help of a liquid collagen supplement!

Can a Collagen Drink Help Fight Wrinkles?

Celebrities Are Drinking Collagen to Fight Wrinkles – Here Are 5 Reasons Why!  

Top 5 Bad Things For Your Skin

We are all guilty of doing things that damage our skin and unless you live in a bubble, it is difficult not to. We all randomly attempt to moisturise, cleanse and even exfoliate when we’re feeling in ...

A Mother & a Fighter: Whitney Sheppard

Whitney Sheppard of the Black Dragon Kickboxing Club and Revive Active athlete tells us how Revive Active helps her to balance being a Mum and a kickboxing champion.