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Posted on 06 Jun, 2017

Ubiquinol CoQ10 - Supplied by Kaneka

Ubiquinol is naturally present in many foods. Unfortunately, is it virtually impossible to compensate for any losses via diet alone.

Inside almost every cell in the human body are thousands of mitochondria – minuscule organelles in which the respiratory chain takes place. This biochemical process provides the cellular energy required to sustain life and support growth by creating Adenosine triphosphate (ATP).Revive Active - CoQ10

Ubiquinol acts as an essential electron carrier in this process, continuously switching to its oxidized form (Co-Enzyme q10) and back again. The body cannot substitute a lack of the vitamin- like micro-nutrient with anything else, and without Ubiquinol, cells become damaged and may even die within minutes.

Low Ubiquinol levels are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, which can lead to a lack of vital energy and is a contributory factor in a variety of ailments, including heart failure, infertility, autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and certain learning disabilities.

A vital role in energy production

Revive Active - CoQ10

The respiratory chain process produces more than 95% of our energy and supplies it to the heart, brain, muscles and everywhere else that energy is needed. Ubiquinol is therefore indispensable for high level mental and physical performance.

The human body is able to produce its own Ubiquinol, although our natural levels decline with age and are affected by illness and lifestyle factors.

In addition, data has shown that the baby capacity to convert CoQ10, its reduced form, decreases with age.

Where to find Ubiquinol?

Ubiquinol is naturally present in many foods, including meat, fish and nuts. Unfortunately, however, it is virtually impossible to compensate for any losses via diet alone.

Used as a supplement to replenish the body’s natural supplies, the electron rich Ubiquinol has a more rapid and better effect than CoQ10 since it is already in an active form, which means that, unlike CoQ10, it does not have to be converted by the body to be assimilated.

The leads to much better bio-availability and studies confirm that this also translates into significantly higher mitochondrial coQ10 content than taking CoQ10 itself.

As the physiological levels of the Ubiquinol in mitochondria are not saturated, there is potential for more cellular energy if the amount of total Ubiquinol in the mitochondrial compartments can be increased.

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Kaneka Ubiquinol

  • The world’s first and only Ubiquinol available as a nutritional ingredient
  • Bioidentical to the body’s own UbiquinolRevive Active - CoQ10
  • Produced via natural yeast fermentation to ensure delivery of the purest possible form
  • More than 15 years of testing and more than a decade of research and clinical studies assures safety backed by science
  • No documented side effects, even at high doses
  • Guaranteed stability
  • More bio-available than Coenzyme Q10 and therefore more effective
  • A broad range of well documented medical benefits
  • Non-doping, GMP-free and allergen-free!

Revive Active Ubiquinol CoQ10 (pictured) is supplied from Kaneka.