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Posted on 10 May, 2017

What Age Do I Need to Start Taking Collagen Supplements?

 Find out when you should make collagen supplement part of your beauty regime


Collagen supplements are anti-aging products that help improve the appearance of your skin. ARevive Active - Beauty Complex protein found in connective tissues of your body, collagen gives your skin support and elasticity while keeping it supple and firm. Collagen also makes your hair and nails strong and shiny.
Collagen is one of the main building blocks of your body, comprising approximately 30% of your total body protein and 75% of your skin. Your body naturally produces the collagen it needs but production starts to decline as you age.

There are 28 different types of collagen in the body. The three types of collagen that you’ll find in skincare products are type I, type II, and type III collagen. Type I is the most common type of collagen and it is also the strongest. Type I collagen makes up 95% of the dermis layer of your skin. 

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Collagen Depletion and Hormonal Aging

Collagen depletion is a natural part of aging. Aging is a change in hormone levels that occurs when you age. Women reach their peak level of hormonal vitality and fertility between the ages of 25 and 27. Estrogen is the dominant female hormone and is crucial to fertility. For example, estrogen enhances the flexibility of the pelvic bones to help with vaginal delivery. Estrogen loss accelerates collagen depletion, increasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminishing the skin’s firmness. Hormonal aging influences every part of a woman’s body, including the skin, hair, joints, bones, and ligaments. 

At around age 50, women lose their fertility. On the other hand, male fertility only declines slightly over time. Men experience a very gradual loss of the hormone testosterone, which also supports collagen production. This means that men have a higher collagen density than women of the same age and are able to maintain muscle strength and bone density for longer. Men also experience less wrinkling than women of the same age.


The Rate of Collagen Loss As You Age

The majority of changes in your skin caused by aging happens in the dermis, which loses 20-80% of its thickness with age. Starting in your mid-20's, natural collagen production starts to decline by about 1-1.7% each year and is not replenished. Once you reach the age of 30, the effects of collagen loss becomes more noticeable. You may notice the following signs of collagen depletion:


Aging Skin - Revive Active Beauty Complex

  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Sagging
  • Increase of wrinkles
  • Loss of volume
  • Changes in the colour and texture of the skin


By the time a woman reaches the age of 40, she will have lost between 10% and 20% of her collagen. By the time a woman reaches the age of 50, she may have lost up to half of the collagen in her skin. In the first five years following menopause, there is a more pronounced decline of collagen production due a significant drop in estrogen levels. The collagen levels in your skin can decrease by up to 30% during this time and after that, it slows down to a loss of 2% each year.


Replenish Lost Collagen with a high potency Collagen Drink 

The trend has moved from repairing your skin from the outside in to the inside out in order to stimulate our bodies to replace lost collagen. Taking collagen supplements can help slow down and prevent the loss of collagen that occurs when you age by providing your body with a greater supply of collagen. But when should you start taking a collagen supplement?

You can start taking a liquid collagen supplement in your 20's to get a head start in combating collagen loss. However, many women don’t start taking collagen supplements until they notice wrinkles, sagging skin and the effects of aging on their face. Just remember that it’s never too early or too late to start taking collagen supplements to slow down signs of signs of aging or to start restoring aging skin due to decline in skin collagen.


Each serving of Revive Active Beauty Complex contains 7,000mg of Marine Collagen enhanced with various age-defying nutrients, including Phytoceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Copper.  We recommend drinking Revive Active Beauty Complex every day for the first 8-12 weeks and then switching to one sachet every other day. 


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