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Posted on 16 Mar, 2017

Revive Active Athlete: Whitney Sheppard

Whitney Sheppard is a member of the Black Dragon Kickboxing Club and a massive fan of Revive Active Products.

Hi im Whitney Sheppard, I'm a 29 year old mother of 2, and being a mum and a fighter isn't easy!

I have 2 girls, Sofia who is 10 and Taylor who is 3. I've been kickboxing since I was 14 and I've been fighting from the age of 15 whereby I've had over 30 fights.Whitney.jpeg

Revive Active Products has helped me with everything from repairing old injuries with Joint Complex, to increasing my energy with Krill Oil and Revive Active, with the kids and in training.

I had my 1st fight since having my youngest daughter last March, the previous fight was 4 and a half years beforehand. Coming up to the fight I found it tough with all the extra training and the cutting weight I was weak and tired. I won the fight which was great but I was in the doctors the following day with a chest infection and put on antibiotics.

I knew I couldn't let this happen again. A friend of mine recommended Revive Active products so I started taking them.

My next fight was in October I had been taking Revive Active for 6 months at this stage  and I genuinely felt like a new person. The weight fell off me because I had energy to train hard I didn't feel drained like before. I also avoided the horrible cold sore I normally get from being run down. I was training 6 times a week and still had energy.

Revive Active has helped me become more focused!

My next fight is Sunday April 2nd and my fight camp (extra training and weight cut) has already started and I'm enjoying the benefits of Revive Active.

This is my 1st fight of 2017, I have a busy year ahead of me and I'm already starting my preparation and training for the Unified World Championships which take place in October in Italy. Revive Active have kindly offered to sponsor me for this competition and I am delighted! Being a qualified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer I understand how these products work and am happy to represent them.

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