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Posted on 03 Aug, 2017

Whitney Sheppard: My Morning Workout

Revive Active Athlete - Kickboxing Champion Whitney shares her morning workout with us!

Last week was the WOMAA World Championships. I l won a gold medal in the -52kg K1 division - to say I was over the moon is an understatement! All my hard work paid off, and I definetly couldn't have done it without Revive Active.

Whitney - Revive Active Athlete - WOMAA World Championships 2017

In my last blog I spoke a little about my morning workout. Today I would like to tell you in more detail about it. As workouts go - it is suitable for the majority of people.

Every morning I do 3 exercises that focus on my legs, arms and stomach. As a mum of 2 these are the area’s that I most like to tone.

I like to do 3 sets of 15 with 30 second break in between each set. If you find that this is too much you can start with set of 8 or 10.

I start with a warm up of light jogging for about a minute. This is followed by 20 jumping jacks.

I repeat this twice so that my muscles are warmed up.


3 x15 Air Squats (Legs)

Air Squat


3 x15 Dips (Arms)

Bench Dip


2 minutes Front Plank, 1-minute side plank of each side. (Stomach)

Front Plank


3 x15 Lunges (legs)


3 x15 Push Ups (Arms)

Push Up

3 x15 Sit Ups (Stomach)

Sit Ups


3 x15 Mountain Climbers (Legs)

Mountain Climbers

15 seconds each side Arm circles ×3

This is self explanatory


3 x15 Leg Ups (Stomach & Legs)

Lep Ups


I warm down with a light 1 minute jog on the spot and basic arm and leg stretches.


This workout is enjoyable and suitable for all abilities. Give it a try - you don’t need any equipment and can fit it in around your daily routine, just like me!

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(Images from http://heidipowell.net)