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Posted on 22 Jun, 2017

Whitney Sheppard: Summer Holidays

Now its summer, and the kids are off school Whitney's whole routine has changed, but she's not complaining!

Now its summer the kids are off school my whole routine changes, not that I'm complaining! It's great to spend more time with my girls. Now I can incorporate them in to my morning workouts.

When we wake up in the morning I take my Revive Active supplements and the girls have cereal, before I would have ran and done my conditioning at home. Now instead we head of to the park where I do some running or sprints on the pitches. I can still keep an eye on the kids as they usually bring a football but by the time I'm onto the jumping squats and lunges they have joined in.Sophia - Revive Active - BlackDragon Kickboxing

We usually then head home where I finish my other exercises in the comfort of my front room. I start with push-ups and dips. At the moment I'm only on sets of 15 of these exercises as I injured my shoulder last year and couldn't do anything with it. But since I've started taking the Revive Active Joint Complex it's starting to feel a bit stronger, so now i'm trying to build it up. This is followed by my sit-ups and legs raises. I sometimes do planks also at this time or else I do them throughout the day or while watching the ads on the TV!

After my exercises it's usually time for brunch. Most days I make myself a low fat omelette wit 2 eggs, chopped chicken, mushrooms, peppers and cherry tomatoes. I add cheese to the girls omelettes but leave mine plain as i'm starting to cut weight.

Our club BlackDragon Kickboxing has decided to enter in to the WOMAA (World Organisation of Martial Arts Athletics) World Championships which take place in Dublin on the 22nd of July. So at the moment I am focusing on getting myself ready!

We are just back from watching our team mates fight in England last weekend where they had amazing fights against 2 of Britain's finest fighters. It gave us an insight in to the standard we could be up against, but for me, l love a challenge!

I will keep you all updated on my training progress over the coming weeks.

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