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Posted on 06 Jun, 2017

Why I take Revive Active - Garda Annmarie Larkin

I started taking Revive Active in February 2017 after my Mum recommended it to me, she had been taking for 2 years previous.  At that time I was 2 months into my training for the Garda 4 Peaks Challenge which took place from the 19th -21st May, where we climbed the highest mountain in each province over 3 days, so 4 mountains in 3 days.

Towards the end of February, I started drinking a Revive Active every morning first thing on an empty stomach. Within 3-4 days of starting the supplement, I immediately noticed an improvement in my energy levels. Instead of spending the day tired and literally yawning every few minutes, I felt great with more energy. I now sleep better at night, my hair and nails are growing quicker and stronger and even my skin has improved. I’ve always had a problem area on my chin but the redness has very noticeably reduced. When we did the 4 Peaks Challenge itself recently, I have no doubt that it was Revive Active that helped me through it as well as I faired out.

Dartry Mountains - Sligo.jpg

I have not had a cold or even a sniffle since I started taking it, which is a miracle really considering I was getting soaked with rain on mountains once a week regularly. Over the 3 nights of the challenge we travelled from Dublin to Kerry, Kerry to Mayo, Mayo to Down and Down to Wicklow with 4 hours sleep on 2 of those nights, and I did not get sick after this. I was able to complete the challenge with no problems or issues. On top of physically taking part in the challenge I was also an organiser, so in between climbs I had to contact the accommodation and food places confirming times of arrival etc. I had to update social media and email the 120 strong challenge party their room numbers for the night ahead etc. so I literally never stopped going. It was constant. With the lack of sleep and exhaustion during the 4 Peaks Challenge I am really amazed that I didn’t get sick after with a lowered immune system but again, I have no doubt that is totally down to my taking Revive Active


Around April during my training, I started having problems with my knees, after a hike my knee caps were sore for days and I was walking with a slight limp due to this, yet I’d be fine again in a few days. I also have arthritis in my lower back aswell which causes me to have sore legs and after each climb my body would know that I had been out, but the knees was a new one. I was a total beginner when it came to hiking and I only started training in January specifically to take part in the Garda 4 Peaks Challenge. When I saw the positive effects on myself from taking Revive Active, I contacted the company to see if they wanted to get involved with the Garda 4 Peaks Challenge as a sponsor and they immediately got on board.  Samples were sent to us of Revive Active but also of their Joint Complex.  I had not been aware of their Joint Complex product so I started taking it every evening.

G4PC 2.jpg

10 days after I started taking it I did my next hike. My knees were perfect, no soreness at all, my legs weren’t sore or stiff and my recovery was a whole lot faster.  It was actually amazing and I genuinely couldn’t believe it.  A week after this hike I went to Wicklow for a training weekend where we did a 26 km hike on the Saturday which included the Spinx steps and we climbed Lugnaquilla on the Sunday, the highest peak in Leinster. Again, I had no sore knees, or stiffness in my back or legs. I later completed the Garda 4 Peaks Challenge and climbed the 4 mountains over 3 days and physically I was fine. No soreness or stiffness or problems of any kind.  I felt I would even have been able to tackle another mountain on day 4 if there was one! It really was something else.  

I purposely took my last Joint Complex the day after the 4 Peaks Challenge ended. I knew my next hike was going to be 2 weeks later so I just wanted to see was it really the Joint Complex that was helping me feel so good during these hikes. On Sunday 4th June, I did my first hike in 14 days, a 14 km hike in the Dartry Mountains in Sligo, not a long hike by any means but it was physically tough with some scrambling involved on steep parts. My kneecaps started getting sore half an hour into the hike and the day after it, my knees, back and legs are all stiff and sore.  I really can’t believe the difference.  This shouldn’t be happening after 6 months of training but, there you have it; if I want to continue hillwalking I’m going to need to continue taking the Joint Complex. I really cannot recommend this product highly enough. 


The confidence that both the Revive Active and Joint Complex have given me cannot be underestimated. I feel great taking them, people have commented on how well I look (even though I’m still a few pounds overweight).  I now have the energy to play with and keep up with my daughter who is nearly 3, after I get home from work after a 10 hour shift.  I also work shift work, so when I’m on nights, I still have to be up at 7-8am every morning with my daughter regardless of what time I get home at from my night shift; so there are days when I only get 4-5 hours sleep. Thanks to Revive Active, I am now able to function properly and keep going and not get sick with bugs or colds which I was very prone to getting on at least a monthly basis and; considering the Irish weather on our mountains and getting wet on them regularly training the last few months, on top of the shift work, that is no mean feat. 


In completing the Garda 4 Peaks Challenge I completed something I never thought or believed I was capable of doing. I never even had the confidence of even thinking I would have been capable of doing it but the hard work and training paid off along with the massive confidence booster in taking the Revive Active and Joint Complex and seeing how much they improved, well, all of me really.  You can achieve anything you want to once you believe in yourself and work hard towards your goal. The confidence the Joint Complex has given me on the mountains has encouraged me to sign up to do Everest Base Camp next May, 2018. This will be our next adventure for charity, with a group of Garda colleagues that completed the Garda 4 Peaks Challenge also. I would never in a million years have ever considered this, let alone sign up to it, but thanks to Revive Active and Joint Complex I know that I am capable of doing this and I will achieve it.  

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