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Posted on 17 Apr, 2019

James Ryan Blog Post -Competition

Revive Active is delighted to give budding rugby players the chance to learn from the best as we host a Rugby Training Day with International Rugby Star, James Ryan.

James with Junior in Blue

The James Ryan training day will take place on Wednesday the 19th of June at the De La Salle Palmerston Rugby Club in Dublin. The training day will be open to both boys and girls aged between 5 - 19 years of age.

James - Blue

Learn to play like a pro with skills training from James Ryan; understand the links between nutrition and sports performance with Revive Active’s Doctor of Science, Dr Daniel Jones; take part in various skills competition’s and get your picture taken with James. Plenty of delicious and nutritious food and Junior / Teen Revive will be provided to all participants throughout the day.

James will also discuss his journey to becoming an international rugby player and how good nutrition has played an important role in fueling his demanding lifestyle.


To enter this competition, all customers have to do is take a picture of their Junior or Teen Revive box in a rugby related setting or with a rugby theme and send it to digital@reviveactive.com or you can fill in the form here and upload your picture. Here's an example of a picture you could take.



There will be 40 winners in total which will be announced over a period of  3 weeks, every Thursday at 3 pm. Each of the winner's pictures will be re-shared on Revive Active’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram channels. Winners will also be contacted via email with their James Ryan Training Day ticket.


Stay tuned for more updates and follow Revive Active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest news on the event.